Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Nails by Primark

Hiya chums :D

I purchased this nail polish from PRIMARK. I absolutely love Primark, as it sells very trendy and fashionable products for cheap and affordable prices.

I bought; this set of 4 nail polishes came at £2 (1 polish for 50p). There were more sets of different shades of colours to choose from but I just thought that I would just try it out first, and believe you me there's gonna be a lot more Primark reciepts in my pocket.

I have mentioned in a couple of posts that I love wearing bright colours on my nails, and that what definately drew me in. 

THE DARKER ONE (2 coats)

This purple has mix of hot pink and bit of silver undertones in it. Although purple is usually meant to be dark, or almost berry-like the silver and pink raises it up from under. I don't particularly like this shade of purple, but what do you chums think?

THE PINK-ISH ONE (3 coats)

When I first saw this colour I actually thought it was a shade of red, but how wrong was I it's more like a hot pink than a red. What it doesn't really show in the photos though is the shimmer finish this colour radiates. I usually don't like shimmer on nail polishes, but it definately compliments the pink very well. What do y'all think of this colour? : D

THE ORANGE ONE (3 coats)
This one is the BRIGHTEST of all and is probably perfect for a Spring or Autumn wedding. It also works well if you are wearing a really a dark outfit. Even though they both dark and bright colours usually contrast it is good to take risks now and again, especially in this industry you don't know what gonna come around the corner. This colour is very similar to Tropicana by GOSH which I absolutely love and a review should be up soon. What do you think of this colour?? :)

Overall, they are slightly better than I expected in terms of consistency, because I expected it to very watery and have no thickness to it at all but it was quite thick. Even though it was better than expected with the consistency, I don't like the fact that some of the polishes are less consistant that others, as it was either 2 or 3 coats. These colours are really pretty and could be worn not only during summer but all year round to brighten up every aspects of the day. I like it and I definately gonna buy another set as it is only £2. I'd give it 3/5. 

Feel free to give any constructive criticism and suggestions on how to make my blog the best it could be.

Bye Chums x

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